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From the Creator of ElementShifting …

Amy Trujillo, is a life-long learner, lover of nature, and a world adventurer. Think Dora the Explorer meets Hermione Granger. She is also a Body-Centered Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and the founder of

Her work is centered around invoking huge shifts in others. Not just small steps towards greatness but big ones. Huge ones. It’s something that she experienced herself after a life-changing trauma and something that allows her to connect with others in a deep, meaningful, authentic way.

This podcast is a project born out of a desire to share the knowledge and experience of some of the most influential people in the Asheville area (and beyond). Podcast guests are people that have positively impacted Amy’s own life and people that she believes will help change yours.

Are you ready? Come on in.