Episode 19: Margaret Goodson graham

Universal Conduit, Artist, Sacred Jeweler

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I am the maker; the Universe is the creator.

It wasn’t until I quit my day job, meditated consistently, and asked the Universe to bring more purpose and meaning to my jewelry that I was given the idea for Centering Pendants.

My journey in art began at a young age: appreciating linear drawings by M.C. Escher and organic paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe on the walls of my childhood home; looking forward to handmade gifts from my aunts and Grandma at every Christmas; and watching my older sister draw.

After 4 years of art classes in high school, I knew art was the ONLY direction for me.

I received a B.A. in Art (concentration in ceramics) from UNC Asheville in 2002 (when I also had my first experience with yoga and meditation), taught myself to make jewelry in 2006, and took a metalsmithing class in 2009. For 10 years I made Gritgoods Jewelry; I sold it online, in galleries, and at many festivals in the Southeast. But making and selling Gritgoods jewelry did not fulfill me.

I couldn't JUST make jewelry. I needed it to be more meaningful.

In September of 2016, my request was answered. the Universe provided me with the idea of Centering Pendants; a two-sided concave form that creates the perfect landing spot for the thumb and forefinger in gyana mudra, a gesture that helps calm and center you.

It's a way to take a yoga, mindfulness or meditation practice beyond the mat and into everyday life; a quick mindfulness meditation for the in-between times.

After creating the Original Pendant in January of 2017, I immediately began to feel the benefits. I wore the Original Pendant every day, touching it when I felt doubtful, insecure or just stressed out, and would be overwhelmed with physical sensation in my heart of being whole and complete; a feeling of calm, centeredness, and being connected to something greater than myself. It was a lesson in trusting mySelf, letting go of the past, releasing control of the future, and it was also the beginning of a spiritual awakening for me: a truly magical experience!

The Universe made it clear that my purpose was to make these pendants and after further meditation on focus, purpose and intention it was clear that I was meant ONLY to make these Pendants, so I also quit teaching yoga to focus on them full time.

I know this pendant is capable of serving your mindful life because it has served me to live a more mindful life.

And I truly believe it is my purpose, as an artist, to MAKE these for you.

The Universe is the creator. I am the maker. You are whole and complete. And your Pendant will help you remember that.

One major part of my business is that I donate a portion of MGGS proceeds to an Asheville non-profit called Light a Path. They are committed to bringing yoga, meditation and other wellness tools to youth, unhoused, incarcerated, low-income and people in recovery.

We discuss:

  1. Margaret’s story about stillness and divine inspiration.

  2. The healing power of shadow work.

  3. Asking and Receiving from the Universe.

  4. How becoming a certified yoga teacher is about more than just teaching yoga.

  5. The process of using precious metal clay to make a centering pendant.

  6. Feeling and embodying the full range of emotions.

  7. Being a festival artist and practicing presence and receiving.

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