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Episode 20: anastasia piper

Inspirational Intellectual Medium, Enlightened Fashionista


After 30 years in the fashion & beauty industries, our guest, Anastasia Piper shifted to the non-profit sector in Development. Then, she coached and consulted on building community through positive change and transition. Formally the creator of Spirit of Change in Los Angeles and San Diego, California, Anastasia recently moved to Asheville, North Carolina to expand into Spiritual growth through Healing Transmissions as an inspirational intellectual medium. Her mission is to empower individuals to take responsibility for their own healing and creativity empowering themselves and their community. She connects to the spirit world through her lineages and is used as a vehicle for messages to empower and uplift. Individual sessions can be booked online at In this episode we get a sneak peek into her latest project entitled "From Fashion to Enlightenment: A Grace-filled Life."

What is “From Fashion to Enlightenment”? It is a personal perspective. An empowering journey of how Anastasia worked her way from the cover of Woman’s Home Companion 1947, through the fashion and cosmetic companies of Yves St. Laurent, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Gianni Versace and Gucci. Then on to 15+ years of service in the non-profit sector serving with The Muscular Dystrophy Association, Save Venice and The PRASAD Project…and Beyond! The work took her around the world where her passion for the diversity of people’s lives was able to flourish. She shares her experiences with lots of laughter and original personal photos. It is a fun and introspective journey for all who attend. Some highlights:

• Growing Up in the Business. • Remembrance of Fashion Icons and Friends. • Traveling and Expanding One’s Vision. • 1990 The Year That Changed Everything • Creating a New Life and Choosing Happy!

Upcoming Events:

Anastasia will be hosting a monthly internet radio show on Claudia Pureco’s Quantum Network. The program is called “From Fashion to Enlightenment: A Blessed Life”.

It will start on:

Monday, August 12th

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. Co-creating your life and choosing joy.

  2. Accepting change and the “joyful unknown”.

  3. Receiving from the Universe and allowing it to “be”.

  4. Building a community of lightworkers to co-create the telling of her story.

  5. Mastering alchemy in everyday life in order to change the world.

  6. Trusting the messages from Spirit and refining intuition.

  7. Collective energy versus individual energy.

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You can find Anastasia at: