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Ep 11: ERIN & Caroline

Authentic Asheville: Digital Nomads

Caroline Whatley and Erin McGrady are the team behind Authentic Asheville. They are Squarespace web designers, photographers and travel writers, advocates for National Parks and public lands, adventurers on the lookout for safe and friendly LGBTQ places and spaces, and trail runner enthusiasts with a penchant for craft beer. They love meeting new people. Say hey!

We discuss:

1. How Authentic Asheville came to be.
2. The best and worst of van life.
3. What it means to be authentic and LGBTQ life on the road.
4. Tolerance, Minorities, and Awareness.
5. Defining "family" and listening to your heart.


Here’s What Erin & Caroline Have To Say:


We are passionate about telling stories through images. Unlike many photographers, we’re not married to one particular style. We have worked for numerous businesses and shot photographs to match their brand vision.

On other occasions, we have been hired because someone is drawn to the way we shoot and edit for ourselves. Our style has been called honest, raw, gritty and timeless. We love the imperfections in a shot as much as we love perfection.

We’re not afraid to go beyond the parameters of a typical photo shoot. While on assignment, we have shot on boats, underwater, on muddy trails, while riding a bike, while riding a horse, at 11,000 feet and at even at night. We’ve also shot in a working bakery at 4 in the morning, in the middle of fancy restaurants and in breweries on a weekend night.


On our Travel Blog we are publishing new articles every week related to travel, van life, the National Parks, food, and Asheville. We have also put our writing skills to use in creating content for brands, businesses and individuals. To see some examples, please head on over to our Media Kit.


We offer everything from basic tutorials and crash courses on how to get started with social media to social media takeovers and brand partnerships.

You can find Erin and Caroline at

Want to follow along on Caroline and Erin’s adventures to California, Nashville, and beyond? You can find them on instagram at @authenticasheville, @carolineperdue and @e.mcgrady. If you’d like to meet them in-person, head on out to the free photography event they host in Asheville. Use the hashtag #AshevilleInstameet to find out more.

Ep 10: shea olinger

Massage Therapist & Healing Arts Practitioner

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“Humble, kind, grounded, intuitive, genuine, these are just some of the qualities that describe Shea. Receiving a massage from her is not simply bodywork. Shea is holistic in her approach in that she tends to both your physical needs as well as your emotional and spiritual concerns. Her touch is magical and her intuitive sense of knowing just what areas of the body are calling for attention and what’s needed during the massage is simply awe inspiring. From her use of hot stones, cupping as well as aromatherapy, you are so lovingly cared for, you feel as if you’re nestled in a very sacred womb; a womb of healing, revitalization and most importantly tender, nurturing care. I highly recommend Shea if you are considering a massage therapist. Five stars is simply not enough to rate the quality of care she provides and the heart-centered healer she is. ” ~ AMMA TANYA

In 2015, Shea became one of the founding therapists of Asheville’s well-known healing house, Blaizing Lotus. February 1st, 2018, she opened Metta Heart Healing Arts as a way to expand her practice, integrate herbalism on a larger scale and further develop her craft with Thai Yoga Bodywork as a foundational element in her practice. The work she offers as a licensed massage therapist is intuitive, yet technical. Skillful, yet organic. By blending techniques from many different massage and bodywork modalities, Shea creates a nurturing, grounding and therapeutic treatment. These modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofacial release, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Yoga Bodywork and CranioSacral. Her repertoire consists of 100+ continuing education hours in Thai Yoga Bodywork and CranioSacral therapy.

We discuss:

  1. Shea’s story and how she came to Asheville.

  2. The magic of synchronicity.

  3. Doing the ‘shadow work’ on a path of self-discovery.

  4. What it means to change one’s name.

  5. Claiming one’s truth and identity.

  6. Thai Bodywork and the message of Metta.

You can find Shea at

Show Notes:

Blaizing Lotus Healing House | Learn More

Michael Sitzer & Thai Yoga Bodywork | Learn More

Light a Path | Learn More

The Meaning of Metta | Learn More

Ep 9: michÈle drivon

Alexander Technique & Healing Arts Practitioner

Ninja on a Mission for Connectivity


Chronic back pain and the desire to feel truly at home in her own skin led Michèle to take lessons and train to be a teacher of the Alexander Technique. This simple and proven education in the “how” of coordinating body-mind, increases ease of movement by redirecting excessive tension into useful energy. A common result is relief from pain and distress caused by everyday habits, accompanied by a simultaneous increase in awareness/sensitivity while reducing reactivity. Michèle completed the 3-year, 1600-hour training at The Alexander Educational Center in Berkeley, CA and has been teaching individuals and groups since 2009.

Michèle’s teaching is influenced by her personal exploration of embodiment and spirituality. Argentine Tango, time in nature, swimming, writing, and being married are favored opportunities to embrace F.M. Alexander’s vision of conscious evolution. She is a graduate of Landmark Education, a student of Abraham-Hicks, and currently enrolled in the Certification and Mastery Program for Extreme Freedom with PAX Programs International. An active member of her local teachers association, Alexander Teachers of the Mountain Region, she served 4 years on the Board of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT). Ongoing study with more senior Alexander Technique teachers—as well as forays into Body-Mind Centering®, Ortho-Bionomy, and Open Heart Meditation—deepens her understanding and experience of fundamental movement patterns, consciousness, and living joyfully. She learns from every student who comes to her, and is consistently moved by their courage, insight, and potential on this collaborative journey of self-discovery.

We discuss:

  1. Describing the Alexander Technique

  2. Being available but not prepared.

  3. Wellness as an undercurrent of life.

  4. Who Was Frederick Matthias Alexander?

  5. Relationship as a verb

  6. Musicians and the Alexander Technique

You can find Michèle at

Show Notes:

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Sneaky Cards | Learn More

Alison Armstrong | Author of Queen’s Code | Learn More

Musicians and the Alexander Technique | Learn More

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Ep 8: suzannah tebbe davis

Shamanic Medicine Woman, Community Activist


Suzannah Tebbe Davis is a contemporary medicine woman who weaves a diverse blend of mind/body/spirit offerings based on over two decades of study in indigenous wisdom traditions and western theoretical practices. Suzannah has also held key leadership positions in social justice issues and systems change. In addition to her private practice, where she offers workshops, retreats and ceremonies internationally for individuals and groups, Suzannah serves in a leadership role within Asheville Community Roots, a local grassroots movement which incorporates spirituality as a fundamental aspect of activism.

We discuss:

  1. Sacred Activism: Standing for the Rights of Nature

  2. Ñust`as: Healing Forces of Nature – England Training with Ellen Kittredge

  3. The body as a reservoir for memories.

  4. Blending Chakras and Shamanism

  5. Ayni - Sacred Reciprocity

You can find Suzannah Tebbe Davis at

Show Notes:

Sacred Activism For Modern Times | Learn More

Community Roots | Get Involved

Ellen Kittredge | Shamanic Practitioner | Learn More

Ñust`as | Indigenous Andean Healing Modalities | Learn More

Anodea Judith | Chakras & Activism | Learn More

Steve Norris | 10-day Fast and Prayer Ceremony | Learn More

Sumak Kawsay | Indigenous Teachings | Learn More

Pachacuti | Overturning of Space & Time | Learn More

Taripay Pacha| Age of Knowing Ourselves Again | Learn More

Ayni | Sacred Reciprocity | Learn More

Hoocha | La Limpia Ritual | Learn More


Ep 7: pripo teplitsky



A practicing Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in relationship issues, he works with individuals, couples, families and work groups. Pripo earned a master's degree in counseling/psychology at Goddard college. He has worked with thousands of couples and individuals over the last 15 years helping to improve their relationships while cultivating healthier communication and intimacy skills. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Pripo was a project manager in Fortune 200 and 500 companies with emphasis in the Japanese sector. He duel majored in Japanese studies/language and Social Science at Michigan State University and lived in Japan for one and a half years. As a counselor, Pripo offers a diverse practice that balances the connection between mind, body and spirit. He was a practicing massage and bodywork therapist for 18 years. He lived, studied and worked at the Esalen Institute, a renowned human potential learning center in Big Sur, CA, and is a certified Esalen massage practitioner. Pripo also teaches Professional Ethics courses and Somatic Psychology at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga. His main goal is to help support people to live in their truth and authenticity.

We discuss:

  1. Pripo’s Podcast Relationships, Let’s Talk About It

  2. Tapping into the body’s wisdom.

  3. The intelligence of the heart.

  4. EFT & Tapping Solutions

  5. Self-Compassion, Kindness, & Boundaries

You can find Pripo Teplitsky at

Show Notes:

Pripo’s PODCAST | Let’s Talk About it | Listen Here

Esalen Institute | Big Sur, CA |

Still Point Wellness | Robin & Corey Costanzo |

Heart Intelligence | HeartMath Institute |

EFT Tapping Solutions |

Ethics Online Course | Asheville School of Yoga & Massage | Register Here

"From the body, comes the TRUTH." ~Pripo Teplitsky