Past Favorite Episodes



"Where do we find the optimal place of the nervous system and how do we find it? I believe that one of the ways we find it is through slow mindful practices."

~ Kristine Kaoverii Weber

Kristine and I dive into the nervous system and tease out the definition of yoga.

We discuss:

1. The history of yoga in the west
2. Yoga as a way to build resiliency in the nervous system
3. Yoga for population health
4. Slow yoga vs. yoga as exercise.


“My prayer is that the masculine rises up in reverence to the feminine in all of us.”

~Krystal Kinnunen

*Explicit Content*

Join me as Krystal takes us on a journey that supports and validates the significance of the Sacred Feminine and the importance of women and female values as a way to heal the planet. As a teacher, mother, and healer, Krystal embodies love, wisdom,  and compassion.


“When stuff starts bubbling up to the surface and it’s intense, it’s not always easy to look at it, or deal with it, or be open to feeling what comes. So that is where the yoga practice is so valuable as it allows us a safe environment to practice.” ~ Jessica Lohrey

A Yoga Teacher, Naturalist & Aromatherapist, Jessica takes us on an adventure into the secret life of trees and the powerful magic hidden in their essence. We explore the topics of yoga, aromatherapy, and discuss Jessica’s upcoming yoga retreat to India.


"We have a challenge in the “woke” community. There is so much spiritual goodness and “food" available, that it’s very easy to go back for seconds at the spiritual buffet…but what happens when we don’t give ourselves time to digest, we miss out on important integration time.” ~ JoJo Silverman

JoJo and I discuss the wave of spiritual awakening happening in our community and our world. We explore the power of Kirtan, sound healing, time in nature, and sacred cacao as integration tools to fully digest the healing benefits of spiritual exploration.

We discuss:

  1. Music as Prayer

  2. Spiritual Integration Tools

  3. Saddhana (Kripalu Tradition) - A Spiritual Practice

  4. Working with Energy Blockages in the Body

  5. Cacao as Plant Medicine


“I wish that we all remember that while we’re connecting with nature, we ARE nature.” ~ Tanya Casteel

Tanya takes us on a wild ride through the world of Shamanic Journey Meditations and Cosmic Spirit Animals. We explore the trickster energy of Raven and dive into the details of her latest project with creating Spirit Animal Tarot Cards.

We chat about:

  1. Capturing Spirit Animals with Cosmic Painting and Shamanic Journey Meditation

  2. Tarot Card Deck With Wild Messengers

  3. Waiting Just For You – Children’s Book

  4. Trusting Your Intuition and Imagination As An Artist

  5. Embracing Fun and Remembering To Play


“When we think about how much support there really is in the world for all of us , we see that the natural elements can truly communicate this to us. Elements like the snow, the rain, the solstice sun, are all there to remind us that we are connected to all of that….we don’t let ourselves remember that, feel into that, or rest into that often enough.” ~ Paige Gilchrist

In today’s episode, we explore how yoga can be a source of inspiration and support to nourish the body and mind regardless of how messy life can get. Paige reminds us that yoga is so much more than what we find on the mat.

We explore:

  1. How Paige approaches each class and how she creates a multi-level experience.

  2. Using the elements and the seasons to cultivate integration in a yoga practice.

  3. Bringing the yoga practice off the mat.

  4. Light A Path –