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Authentic Asheville: Digital Nomads


Caroline Whatley and Erin McGrady are the team behind Authentic Asheville. They are Squarespace web designers, photographers and travel writers, advocates for National Parks and public lands, adventurers on the lookout for safe and friendly LGBTQ places and spaces, and trail runner enthusiasts with a penchant for craft beer. They love meeting new people. Say hey!

We discuss:

1. How Authentic Asheville came to be.
2. The best and worst of van life.
3. What it means to be authentic and LGBTQ life on the road.
4. Tolerance, Minorities, and Awareness.
5. Defining "family" and listening to your heart.


Here’s What Erin & Caroline Have To Say:


We are passionate about telling stories through images. Unlike many photographers, we’re not married to one particular style. We have worked for numerous businesses and shot photographs to match their brand vision.

On other occasions, we have been hired because someone is drawn to the way we shoot and edit for ourselves. Our style has been called honest, raw, gritty and timeless. We love the imperfections in a shot as much as we love perfection.

We’re not afraid to go beyond the parameters of a typical photo shoot. While on assignment, we have shot on boats, underwater, on muddy trails, while riding a bike, while riding a horse, at 11,000 feet and at even at night. We’ve also shot in a working bakery at 4 in the morning, in the middle of fancy restaurants and in breweries on a weekend night.


On our Travel Blog we are publishing new articles every week related to travel, van life, the National Parks, food, and Asheville. We have also put our writing skills to use in creating content for brands, businesses and individuals. To see some examples, please head on over to our Media Kit.


We offer everything from basic tutorials and crash courses on how to get started with social media to social media takeovers and brand partnerships.

You can find Erin and Caroline at

Want to follow along on Caroline and Erin’s adventures to California, Nashville, and beyond? You can find them on instagram at @authenticasheville, @carolineperdue and @e.mcgrady. If you’d like to meet them in-person, head on out to the free photography event they host in Asheville. Use the hashtag #AshevilleInstameet to find out more.