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Artist, Creative, Nerd, & Neurodiverse Human


Sam Kearney a professional artist, nerd, and neurodiverse human who loves to cheer on other creatives! She believes the world always needs more beauty, more color, and more contrasting and interesting perspectives.

If you’re an Appalachian nerd hiker, you may know her work from Fox & Fir Design, an environmental project that helps support eco-non-profits across the Southeast.

After more than a few heartfelt coffee/tea chats with creatives from all different mediums and backgrounds, she noticed that there’s a lot of common themes that we as makers tend to grapple with.

So, drawing from years of personal experience, trainings, and therapy (again, not a therapist, different chair) she's excited to show you what she's learned that has helped inspire artists to work with their own inner demons in creative ways with her newest project Sharp and Squishy.

We discuss:

  1. The power of visualizing your inner critic.

  2. Life as an creative on the autism spectrum.

  3. Getting out of our own way.

  4. Doing the work you love despite your inner demons.

  5. How growth looks different for creatives.

Show Notes:

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Shining a spotlight on your deepest, darkest inner critic is the first step toward finding confidence and inner peace. Learn how to identify, visualize, and ultimately befriend your inner saboteur in this immersive, irreverently enlightening course!

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