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Song Priestess, Osho Zen Tarot Reader, Yogini & World Ambassador


Whether she’s serving as a cultural ambassador in Thailand, studying traditional Indian Classical Music in India, leading a song circle, or reading Zen Tarot cards at Earth Magick downtown, Meredith’s path is one that embraces wholeness and cultivates divination in the present moment.

In this interview we weave our way through a myriad of topics that permeate the human condition and invoke the truth about the sweet creature that is our body and the role of the mind as a hurricane like receptor of information that can sometimes dull the voice of the heart. In this open-ended conversation that occasionally morphs into song, we dive into our cultural devaluation of the body and deconstruct our conditioning about what it means to be a diviner and how a Zen Tarot reading can be another example of opening a portal to our wholeness.

Meredith shares what it means to work with the cards in the present, inviting us to be the question, rather than ask a question about our future. In this way, we are transported back home to ourselves while being held in Meredith’s nurturing poetic aura.

Meredith has worked intuitively with the Osho Zen Tarot Deck for 13 years. She is deeply influenced by teachings of Non-Violent Communication, Tantra Yoga, Thai Buddhism, and Nature Herself. You can bask in her glow most days from 2-7 at Earth Magick at 80 N. Lexington Ave in downtown Asheville.

We discuss:

  1. What Osho Zen Tarot Cards are and how you work with them.

  2. Being the question vs. asking the question.

  3. The joy of song and coming back to our wholeness.

  4. The healing power of the parasympathetic nervous system.

  5. Being still in order to know love.

Show Notes

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