Show Notes


Episode 1: Kristine Kaoverii Weber



In the first Asheville Awake episode, Kristine and I dive into the nervous system and tease out the definition of yoga.

We discuss:

1. The history of yoga in the west
2. Yoga as a way to build resiliency in the nervous system
3. Yoga for population health
4. Slow yoga vs. yoga as exercise

You can find Kristine Kaoverii Weber at

Show Notes:

Dr. Kenneth Cooper | Exercise Revolution |,-MD,-MPH.aspx

Dr. Dan Siegel | Window of Tolerance |

Dr. Norman Doidge | The Brain That Changes Itself |

Dr. M. Catherine Bushnell | National Institute of Health |

Dr. Sara Lazar | Harvard |

Viniyoga |  

Local Teachers: Jacci Lea (West Asheville Yoga), Marek Sawicki (Ayurveda), Eric Seiler,(YMCA) & Margaret Kirschner(Mindful Emergence /Yoga for Recovery)

"Where do we find the optimal place of the nervous system and how do we find it? I believe that one of the ways we find it is through slow mindful practices." ~Kristine Kaoverii Weber