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Episode 4: joJO Silverman

Kirtan, Sacred Cacao, Healing Space Holder

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JoJo believes strongly in the use of prayer and sound for recognizing and remembering our wholeness and dedicates his life to the practice of these arts. JoJo has been a student of yoga, meditation, holistic health, chanting, hand percussion, and fire-Tending for 20 years. Using sound in the exploration of consciousness to connect hearts and minds is his gift and mission.

JoJo also facilitates sacred cacao ceremonies employing the ancient remedies of Cacao and Kirtan as our faithful assistants to help create a powerful vibration to assist us in reconnecting and remembering who we truly are. The combination of reclaiming chocolate as medicine and bringing voices together in praise of our own divine nature, while feeling one another’s presence throughout, creates a truly magical journey.

You can find JoJo Silverman at:

We discuss:

  1. Music as Prayer

  2. Spiritual Integration Tools

  3. Saddhana (Kripalu Tradition) - A Spiritual Practice

  4. Working with Energy Blockages in the Body

  5. Cacao as Plant Medicine

Show Notes:

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