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A practicing Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in relationship issues, he works with individuals, couples, families and work groups. Pripo earned a master's degree in counseling/psychology at Goddard college. He has worked with thousands of couples and individuals over the last 15 years helping to improve their relationships while cultivating healthier communication and intimacy skills. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Pripo was a project manager in Fortune 200 and 500 companies with emphasis in the Japanese sector. He duel majored in Japanese studies/language and Social Science at Michigan State University and lived in Japan for one and a half years. As a counselor, Pripo offers a diverse practice that balances the connection between mind, body and spirit. He was a practicing massage and bodywork therapist for 18 years. He lived, studied and worked at the Esalen Institute, a renowned human potential learning center in Big Sur, CA, and is a certified Esalen massage practitioner. Pripo also teaches Professional Ethics courses and Somatic Psychology at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga. His main goal is to help support people to live in their truth and authenticity.

We discuss:

  1. Pripo’s Podcast Relationships, Let’s Talk About It

  2. Tapping into the body’s wisdom.

  3. The intelligence of the heart.

  4. EFT & Tapping Solutions

  5. Self-Compassion, Kindness, & Boundaries

You can find Pripo Teplitsky at

Show Notes:

Pripo’s PODCAST | Let’s Talk About it | Listen Here

Esalen Institute | Big Sur, CA |

Still Point Wellness | Robin & Corey Costanzo |

Heart Intelligence | HeartMath Institute |

EFT Tapping Solutions |

Ethics Online Course | Asheville School of Yoga & Massage | Register Here

"From the body, comes the TRUTH." ~Pripo Teplitsky