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Shamanic Medicine Woman, Community Activist


Suzannah Tebbe Davis is a contemporary medicine woman who weaves a diverse blend of mind/body/spirit offerings based on over two decades of study in indigenous wisdom traditions and western theoretical practices. Suzannah has also held key leadership positions in social justice issues and systems change. In addition to her private practice, where she offers workshops, retreats and ceremonies internationally for individuals and groups, Suzannah serves in a leadership role within Asheville Community Roots, a local grassroots movement which incorporates spirituality as a fundamental aspect of activism.

We discuss:

  1. Sacred Activism: Standing for the Rights of Nature

  2. Ñust`as: Healing Forces of Nature – England Training with Ellen Kittredge

  3. The body as a reservoir for memories.

  4. Blending Chakras and Shamanism

  5. Ayni - Sacred Reciprocity

You can find Suzannah Tebbe Davis at

Show Notes:

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