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Chronic back pain and the desire to feel truly at home in her own skin led Michèle to take lessons and train to be a teacher of the Alexander Technique. This simple and proven education in the “how” of coordinating body-mind, increases ease of movement by redirecting excessive tension into useful energy. A common result is relief from pain and distress caused by everyday habits, accompanied by a simultaneous increase in awareness/sensitivity while reducing reactivity. Michèle completed the 3-year, 1600-hour training at The Alexander Educational Center in Berkeley, CA and has been teaching individuals and groups since 2009.

Michèle’s teaching is influenced by her personal exploration of embodiment and spirituality. Argentine Tango, time in nature, swimming, writing, and being married are favored opportunities to embrace F.M. Alexander’s vision of conscious evolution. She is a graduate of Landmark Education, a student of Abraham-Hicks, and currently enrolled in the Certification and Mastery Program for Extreme Freedom with PAX Programs International. An active member of her local teachers association, Alexander Teachers of the Mountain Region, she served 4 years on the Board of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT). Ongoing study with more senior Alexander Technique teachers—as well as forays into Body-Mind Centering®, Ortho-Bionomy, and Open Heart Meditation—deepens her understanding and experience of fundamental movement patterns, consciousness, and living joyfully. She learns from every student who comes to her, and is consistently moved by their courage, insight, and potential on this collaborative journey of self-discovery.

We discuss:

  1. Describing the Alexander Technique

  2. Being available but not prepared.

  3. Wellness as an undercurrent of life.

  4. Who Was Frederick Matthias Alexander?

  5. Relationship as a verb

  6. Musicians and the Alexander Technique

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